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Located just 2 km away from Benitses, a former fishing village and tourist resort, with many beaches, restaurants, nightlife and a beautiful and well-preserved part of the old village, 5.5 km away from Achilleion, a majestic palace built in 1890 and the main attraction of the island, 15 km away from the enchanting old town of Corfu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and 14 km away from the stunning Halikouna Beach and the Korissia Lake wetlands, Ionian Garden Villas is the perfect base for exploring the island. Well… that is, provided that you manage to escape the soft caress of the olive trees’ shade, as you will be lying in a hammock next to the swimming pool in the daze of noon, with the sun reaching higher, the cicadas buzzing enthusiastically and all these sensations intertwining in a sweet daydream from which you will not want to wake up.