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In winter we live in Athens and in summer in Corfu. Ionian Garden Villas and our professional tourism activity started in 2018 – we are fresh and enthusiastic! The villas used to be the summer houses of our families – we have spent long, relaxing summers here in the 1990’s. Three years ago, we decided to renovate the villas and bring to life our vision for a fresh, original, luxurious and homelike experience of holidays. We worked hard with our collaborators, architects, graphic designers etc, but the cornerstone of Ionian Garden Villas is our personal vision, work and care for details that we have put in and continue to do so every day. It is a family business and it is very important for us to keep you happy and cozy with our hospitality.

Ionian Garden Villas About

We love to travel, but we never travel abroad during the summer. Summer in Greece is the absolute paradise and we don’t want to miss a single day. We will make sure you won’t miss one either!